Written and Directed by Paul S. Flores

Written and directed by renowned playwright Paul S. Flores, On the Hill tells the story of the impact that the death of Alex Nieto—at the hands of the SFPD—has had on youth of color residing in SF neighborhoods—neighborhoods that are currently being gentrified. The projectuses music, dance and theater as a powerful tool for communities— divided by issues of police violence, racism, gentrification and economic disparity, to find ways to dialogue with each other, and discover opportunities for solutions, healing and unification. Through their interpretation of death and life—the young actors incorporate spoken word, bilingual theater, drum, song, dance and video projection to retell the story of the night Alex Nieto was murdered on Bernal Hill in March 201. The production is co-directed by Eric Reid.


In July 2015,  On The Hill project director Paul S. Flores and Loco Bloco’s Musical Director, Pedro Gomez, facilitated story collection and interviews utilizing Native American and Latino cultural practices from individuals directly connected to Alex Nieto (including: his parents, siblings and friends) as well as people who did not know Alex personally but have been impacted by his death (including members of the Justice for Alex Coalition, law enforcement officers, local activists and residents of SF neighborhoods who relate to issues of police violence and gentrification due to their own experiences).  Loco Bloco’s youth-artists utilized documentary theater techniques to develop true stories into staged narratives. This courageous artistic practice teaches the critcially important lessons of empathy, as well as teaching the humility necessary to unite communities divided by class, race and culture.

Promo Video of On The Hill