Photo: La Peña Cultural Center (l-Julio Cardenas, r-Paul S. Flores)


Running Time: 80 mins, plus 10 min intermission

Paul S. Flores and Julio Cardenas perform REPRESENTA! Bilingual Theatre for the Hip-Hop Generation. Developed and Directed by Danny Hoch.

REPRESENTA! chronicles what happens when Chicano spoken word poet Flores and Cuban rapper Cardenas meet in Cuba at the Havana Hip-Hop Festival. Despite an atmosphere laden with the stereotypes and anxieties that exist between North Americans and Cubans, the two artists develop a friendship. But their relationship, ideals and dreams are challenged when Cardenas decides to stay in the U.S. while on tour in New York City immediately after 9/11. REPRESENTA! is a new bilingual play for the hip hop generation that combines spoken-word poetry with character portrayals that are simultaneously hilariously entertaining and provocative. REPRESENTA! explores global themes; youth culture, immigration, terrorism, Pan-Latino identity with comedy and parody.  Presented with excellent English supertitles for non-Spanish speakers interested in learning more about contemporary Cuban culture.

REPRESENTA! premiered at the Hip-Hop Theater Festival: Bay Area and the SF International Arts Festival in May 2007, and toured to GALA Hispanic Theater, Abrons Art Center, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Lehigh University, University of Illinois, University of Michigan, MECA-Houston, Teatro Hugo Arguelles (Mexico City), Taller Puertorriqueña, Intermedia Arts, El Centro Su Teatro and Talento Bilingue de Houston.

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